The world has enough followers. Time to lead the way.

Inspired by what the future of vaping could be tomorrow, we decided to change the way it is today. We are Sensory Solution. A world-class American contract e-Liquid manufacturer and provider of CleanVape Technology for e-Liquids with exotic flavors and creative sensory attributes. Demanding nothing less than flawless perfection, Sensory Solution is not one to follow industry trends. We set them. Experience the difference of high quality HIGH PERFORMING vaping E-Liquid formulations.

Wholesale and Private label Vaping E-liquid

Private Label

Sensory Solution provides private label opportunities for those who are looking to have products manufactured and filled for them. We can use your formulation to create a new complex formulation for your brand. Sensory Solution ensures complete confidentiality, whether we use your formula, our formula or any combination that we create for you.

E-liquid and E-juice Custom Formulations

Custom Formulations

Sensory Solution has the ability to make a custom formula for your brand using our flavor profiles and our CleanVape technology that will enhance and deliver a bold flavor profile. From production and packaging to labeling and shipping, Sensory Solution does it all. Whatever your preference, we guarantee perfection.

CleanVape E-liquid and E-juice for Vaping

Liquid Nadurranic Nicotine USP

NadurraNic USP-pure bulk liquid nicotine, provided by Sensory Solution, is available in two forms, USP-pure liquid nicotine, and a distinct USP-grade blend of premium liquid nicotine paired with propylene glycol and/or vegetable glycerin. Experience the difference that this high quality liquid nicotine will make in your e-Liquids… and your life.

Featured FLAVORS
  • Vanilla Bean

    Smooth and decadent, this full-bodied vanilla bean elixir has complex floral undertones that are pure, spicy and delectable.

  • Champagne

    Bubbly and sweet, this crisp e-juice will leave you with a smooth, hearty vaping experience that will certainly make your senses come alive.

  • Pomegranate

    Pomegranate lovers rejoice. The refreshingly strong and tart flavor of this seeded superfruit has been captured in vape form. Perfecto!

  • Cavendish Tobacco

    By applying heavy pressure and added flavors to rich burley tobacco leaves, natural sugars are released offering up the sweetest tobacco flavor with an ever-so-moist texture.


These are just an example of an extensive flavor library that is comprised of over 1,000 individual flavors that when formulated with our CleanVape Technology will result in tens of thousands of complex formulations to meet customer demands.

thedifference-iconThe Difference

Sensory Solution has the ability to enhance your e-Liquid by incorporating our CleanVape Technology. This enhancement will create a high performing e-Liquid for your brand, turning it into a CleanVape sustainable vaping experience. Our CleanVape Technology helps to mitigate the prevalent problem of vape tongue lamination. Preserve your brand’s equity by utilizing our CleanVape Technology and our exclusive NadurraNic USP nicotine. Experience the future of vaping, experience the difference now.

contractmanufacturing-iconE-Liquid Contract Manufacturing

Sensory Solution is a fully compliant cGMP manufacturing and packaging facility that offers customers complete turnkey solutions that include planning, custom formulations and production. Products are manufactured utilizing our proprietary CleanVape ingredients and formulations. We also accept client-supplied formulations. Our state-of-the-art facility has a bottling capacity of up to 180,000 bottles per day, which enables us to meet the needs of both our small and large clients. At Sensory Solution, you can rest easy knowing we will get the job done right the first time, every time.

corevalues-iconCore Values

We deliver a quality product that is unsurpassed in the industry, utilizing CleanVape Technology with premium ingredients and sophisticated, complex formulations that offer a unique sensory experience.  Our mission, and promise, is to manufacture custom e‑Liquids in a responsible and sustainable environment that exceeds the highest level of industry standards for distribution to both e‑Liquid manufacturers and e‑cigarette consumers.

leadershipteam-iconExecutive Leadership Team

Sensory Solution is comprised of a team of experienced veterans originating from the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries and brings with them over 60 years of operational, product development, formulations, manufacturing, sales and marketing experience. Founded by Marc Brucker, Cliff Brucker, Don Chonko and Will Lederman in 2014, Sensory Solution is a privately held company based in Pine Brook, NJ. To learn more, call 973‑878‑9000 (Office) or 844‑248‑8200 (Toll Free).

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