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Sensory Solution specializes in private label formulas for your brand opportunities, as well as custom formulations.
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e-liquid Testing

The most important aspect in manufacturing a consumable product is ensuring the product is free from suspect ingredients.

At Sensory Solution, our consumer’s safety is our priority. The e-Liquids we produce are tested for the following suspect ingredients and are  free from the following:

 Diacetyl – Acetyl Propionyl –  Furfural –  Acetaldehyde – Acetoin

 Full Spectrum GC/Mass Testing

At Sensory Solution we provide testing services which include a full spectrum GC/Mass Spectrometry. This analytical method combines the features of gas-chromatography and mass spectrometer to identify different substances within a test sample.

Get Tested!


How do you know if your e-Liquids contain suspect ingredients? How do you reformulate to remove suspect ingredients? contain suspect ingredients, what do you do next to make them safer for your consumers?

Sensory Solution has the ability to reformulate your e-Liquid and make your e-Liquid free from harmful ingredients. Sensory Solution will remove the suspect ingredients while keeping the same flavor profile your consumers have grown to love.

Testing is easy and fast!

Your consumers will be at ease knowing all the juices they consume do not contain suspect ingredients.

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