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Sensory Solution specializes in private label formulas for your brand opportunities, as well as custom formulations.
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Vape Liquid

Contract Manufacturing Vape Liquid with Sensory Solution

Sensory Solution is a fully compliant cGMP  Vape Liquid manufacturing and packaging facility that offers customers complete turnkey solutions that include planning, custom formulations and production of their own custom Vape Liquid brand.

Sensory Solution specializes in private label Vape Liquid formulas for your brand opportunities, as well as custom formulations. Our Vape liquid is manufactured using proprietary ingredients and CleanVape Technology. We also accept client-supplied formulations upon request. Our state-of-the-art climate-controlled facility has a bottling capacity of up to 180,000 bottles per day, which enables us to meet the needs of both our small and large clients.

Planning & Formulation

Have a formula that you would like to manufacture with Sensory Solution? We have research and development specialists available to assist you through your product’s formulation stage and beyond.


Sensory Solution is able to offer rapid turnaround times for your product because we utilize a 200 gallon tank (757 liter) which will produce 75,000 10 ml, 50,000 15 ml bottles and 25,000 30 ml bottles for your large orders. This insures lot integrity, flavor and product profile consistency for large volume orders. We are also capable of processing smaller artisan crafted type batches for those customers who require such product presentations, including steeping technologies in different formats. Plus, our state-of-the-art facility has a bottling capacity of up to 180,000 bottles a day.

Send us your request for a contract-manufacturing quote today. We typically return price quotes back to our customers within 48 hours.

Packaging & Label

First impressions matter. That’s why Sensory Solution can offer design options using our resources for unique packaging, label design and marketing strategies. A few of our many packaging options include:

  • PET Bottles
  • Glass Bottles
  • LDPE Bottles


As part of the contract packaging and private labeling we provide, Sensory Solution also offers fulfillment services. We have the ability to inventory your product, fulfill your approved orders and provide you with the appropriate fulfillment documentation.

Sensory Solution proudly offers the following fulfillment services:

  • Drop Shipping
  • Product Storage
  • Lot Traceability
  • Custom Packouts

Private LABEL

Sensory Solution provides private label opportunities for those who are looking to use our formulas and CleanVape Technology with your brand and/label. Our contract manufacturing and private labeling services allows you to utilize our e-Liquid or e cig juice products in a customizable way. Sensory Solution ensures confidentiality, allowing you to take the spotlight as proprietor of the products on your shelves. How does it work? We use the bottle, label and packaging of your choice and package it in a way that establishes your brand identity.

  • Turn your e-Liquid production (we will keep proprietary formulas confidential: NDA) over to Sensory Solution
  • Utilize our turnkey solutions and our proprietary e-Liquid flavors

Custom Formulations

Sensory Solution has the ability to make a custom formula for your brand using CleanVape Technology. From production and packaging to labeling and shipping, Sensory Solution does it all. Or, if you prefer, we will use your formulation with our ingredients. Whatever your preference, we guarantee perfection either way.

  • Sensory Solution will create a custom formula for you and take it through to production, packaging and beyond
  • Sensory Solution will use your existing formula and bring it to your market

We like to think of it as liquid gold.

NadurraNicUSP-pure liquid nicotine with five year stability study, provided by Sensory Solution, is available in two forms – USP-pure liquid nicotine, and a distinct USP-grade blend of premium liquid nicotine paired with propylene glycol and/or vegetable glycerin.

This exclusive formulation provides a unique flavor with a smooth throat hit that pairs wonderfully with an array of delectable flavors from tobacco and menthol to upscale, more complex e juice flavors with stimulating sensory attributes.

Choose NadurraNic to experience the difference that this high quality liquid nicotine will make in your e-Liquids… and your life.